PaymentsEd Virtual Forum 2020

September 15-18, 2020

We're Live!

Thank You for Attending the
2020 PaymentsEd Virtual Forum!

The PaymentsEd Forum welcomes payment professionals specializing in customer not present (mail, phone, internet, mobile) consumer payments.


The professionals who attend the PaymentsEd Forum represent a broad range of disciplines including:

When registering for the PaymentsEd Forum, registrants must classify themselves according to their employers’ profile. The PaymentsEd Board of Directors reserves the right to determine the classification of all Forum registrants. Anyone who attends the Annual Forum is considered a member of the PaymentsEd.


To be considered a merchant member of the PaymentsEd Forum and to register for the PaymentsEd 2020 Virtual Forum you must be employed by a merchant company that conducts its business directly with consumers in a customer not present environment. 

There is no limit to the number of merchant members from within the same company who can attend the Forum.

Service Providers

To be considered a service provider for the PaymentsEd Forum and to register for the PaymentsEd 2020 Virtual Forum any of the below must apply:

PaymentsEd Advisor Organizations

Representatives from the following organizations that are currently on the PaymentsEd Board are considered Advisor Organizations:

In addition to these companies, any of their wholly own subsidiaries may also register as an Advisor Organization.

Media is NOT allowed to attend the forum

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